Production update February

This is a update on the production of Staaker - the auto follow drone. Moulds are done, parts are arriving, and manufacturing is starting.

Waterproof Tracker Evolution

Learn how the final tracker came to be... 3 years of function & design iteration giving the ultimate user experience to the first intelligent auto-follow drone!

Staaker drone orbits you automatically filming while you do nothing...easy!

Staaker drone flies itself! In circle mode it can follow you up to 50mph without you having to do anything!

How To Make Epic Movies - A Cinematographers Perspective

Leo Cittadella is a world class cinematographer - he's been testing and travelling around the world with his Staaker auto-follow drone for the last 6 months. Check out how to make awesome videos with a auto follow drone!

Lambo Raw Footage - all filmed by Staaker Drone using GoPro

No other drone in the world can do this. Only Staaker - the self flying drone!

Stabilization of your GoPro footage by Staaker Drone Gimbal

How Staaker drone gimbal & suspension to give you super stable GoPro footage even in extreme conditions. The Staaker gives you awesome results in any weather!

Sunsets, Pond Skims & Porsches @ Fonna Glacier with Staaker

Summer glacier session with pond skims, beers, BBQs, a Porsche Macan GTS, 20 hour long days and sunsets at 11.30pm - an amazing 48 hour Staaker trip. Staaker is the perfect selv flying drone for Snowboarding!

Lambos & Staaker love glaciers

Back in May Jon Olsson took his Staaker to Foglefonna for a project he’d been dreaming of for some time - driving his custom Lamborghini LP640 up a glacier at 140mph!